Below you can find my Rocket.Chat related tools and helpers, that I've built over the past few years. For further information, please click on the title and follow the information on the according git repository. The source code is open and available for free, hosted on GitHub.

  • 🌍 omnichannel-instance-mgmt

    🚀 Web based tool to manage users and invitations for Facebook's OmniChannel.

  • 🌍 check-if-rocketchat-cloud

    🚀 Web based tool to parse publicly available information of a given Rocket.Chat server (server version, Cloud provider / region information, etc.) and visualize it in a pretty human-readable way. Mostly used by our Support team.

  • rocketchat-export-userlist

    🚀 Simple CLI tool written in NodeJS to export a complete user list of a Rocket.Chat server as CSV (or JSON) file.

  • rocketchat-purge-users-rooms

    🚀 Command Line Interface tool to purge a Rocket.Chat server of it's users rooms and/or groups. Housekeeping!

  • rocketchat-export-channel-messages

    🚀 Simple Node CLI tool to export messages of a given Rocket.Chat channel or private group into CSV format.